Customer-Tailored 3D Walkthrough in Melbourne

About the service

How will it make you feel to be virtually present in the apartment that is yet to be built? If you have ever given a thought about it, we are all set to make it a real. 3Draft can take you to the virtual tour where you can have the visual treat of your dream property or workplace long before the construction work starts. Starting from capturing and assisting you through post-production, we improvise creative ends to every stage to serve our prospective clients with iconic 3D walkthrough services in Sydney. With advanced imaging technologies, our talents give their best to bring out the 360-degree panoramic view of the property.

Deriving a realistic overview of the property at the very first attempt is what we aim for, and that is why we clearly understand always satisfy real needs our clients. Providing 3D walkthrough services in Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia, we like to incorporate fun and openness into a highly technical process for our clients as an extension of our team.Our primary objective is to promote the involvement of our customers in the process of the walkthrough.

As 3D Architectural design studio based in Sydney, we grant it as our duty to make sure the visual presentation is flawless, innovative and can cater to fulfil the local market requirements of the clients.

3Draft specializing in panoramic photography and VR content development. Using the latest photo capturing technology and backed by years of experience in immersive imaging we provide High-End 360-Degree interactive panoramas and Virtual Tours. We offer a turnkey solution: from capturing, post-production and processing to 360 – Panoramas for your marketing needs.

With extensive knowledge in imaging and internet technologies we constantly strive to provide our clients the best creative and technical VR solutions available. Our Customer-Tailored Virtual Tours which are delivered in most popular media player formats (Java, Quicktime and Flash) offer outstanding photographic quality and involving experience to viewers.

We offer 3D solutions in the areas of:

It further helps the buyers to decide what’s best for them and make their buying decision accordingly. Our innovative approach to providing our clients with a clear overview regarding the interior design and architectural 3D imagery has paved our way to success. The inclusion of smart user navigation system makes it easy for the clients and future buyers to explore every detail of the property. We give the assurance of a simulated experience that you can hardly get in any other 3D Visualisation or drafting service.

  • Real Estate Panoramas
  • HDR Panorama Enhancement
  • 3D Virtual Tour Creation Services

360-Panoramas allow the user to explore several photo realistic 360 scenes linked together using hotspots and interactive floor plans, making it ideal for Walk-Through Virtual Tours.

Due to engaging and interactive user experience, usage of 360-panoramas results in a longer website visit time, increased page views, conversion and sells.

  • Multi residential development and Apartment Blocks
  • Hotels, resorts, private lodges and real estate
  • Expo and conference centres
  • Restaurants, lounges and retail

Client – Private

3D Panorama for residential house in Dural

Client - Real Estate Agent

3D Panorama for residential apartment in Epping

Client – Private

3D Panorama for residential house in Double Bay

Client – Builder

3D Panorama for multi residential development in Green Square

Client – Private

3D Panorama for private Melbourne brewery