3DRAFT , operated by Intec Developments Pty Ltd is a Sydney based Drafting and 3D Visualisation practice focused on achieving innovative, environmentally sustainable project solutions for our clients. The design studio is directed by a well-established, internationally experienced team of architects and 3D artists with support from our creative and talented team.

The practice is committed to achieving social and civic Function, while creating unique designs and renders. We are highly appreciate the social and civic responsibility inherent in architecture.

To respond to current environmental and community concern is the duty of our profession.

We want to balance the commercial desires of our clients with creative expression, and we achieve it through a collaborative approach. We are constantly develop our service approach while maintaining the foundation of our core values to fulfil the incessantly growing requirements of our clients.

3DRAFT provide a professional 3D design and Drafting service for the whole process of building procurement. We believe each project offers unique possibilities and that the best solutions come from an open and honest conversation between client, users and designers.

Therefore we actively engage with the client and respond to individual features, delivering tailored outcomes from the moment you contact us till the project completion.

Andrii Melnyk


Arsenij A.

Managing director