Arsenij A.

Since childhood he was interested in the design. And oddly enough LEGO pushed him to it. It’s any detail is suitable for almost any other. That is true freedom to build what you want. Apparently this freedom marked the beginning of his hobby, that become his life passion. While studying at the Institute of Design and architecture, specialty-architect he first started to implement his ideas in 3D design. The need for knowledge forced him to continue education and subsequently he entered the Kharkiv national University of construction, architecture and design.

He started his career with the construction of a large shopping centre. Worked as an Architectural Assistant in rendering. It was his first project, when he was 21. Being a 3D artist he used Photoshop 3Dsmax with V-RAY programmes into the architectural process. Education gave him knowledge and experience gave him a great opportunity to become a specialist in creating volume and space.

He has passion for computer graphics. He is a bridge between talented people creating brilliant ideas and those who can implement these ideas.

Nowadays he has worked with representatives of the hotel chain Hilton, took part in tender of the newest city of the future Masdar. Managed to perform hundreds of tasks and work with more than 150 customers from different countries ranging from Australia and ending the mysterious Japan. Our product is 3D visualization –  the creation of any image, animation, virtual tour.

“Currently we working on an interesting project, the  interactive presentation of the whole area of the largest city for the construction of a new skyscraper, shopping centre of more than 100 Hectares, and is only a couple of our projects” – Arseniy.

Arsenij believes that

“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer.”  Randy Pausch

Why are we doing this? Many people have brilliant ideas. But many people do not know how to implement the ideas into real objects. I am standing between them and want to convey genius thoughts in best presentation. I’m just like a bridge between talented people creating the idea and those who can implementing it, I do what I do best

Arsenij A.