Andrii Melnyk

Born in Ukraine, he graduated University of Architects in 2010, where he achieved Master’s Degree in Architecture and Design. While studying, he was involved in working with a team of architects and designers and created many projects for residential, commercial and industrial sector in a variety of different sizes in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and USA.

Between the ages of 20 and 25, when his father was CEO of an architectural company and led a big team of architects who worked on bunch of commercial projects in Poland and Russia, father took him on business trips and that is when love of architecture begun. He loved the feeling of creating something that would impact people’s lives and change the cityscape of where it was built. This feeling still inspires him today. He realised it a long time ago, 3D architectural business is his sphere, he makes it work and has opportunity to give a part of him to this world.

He arrived in Australia in 2013 and  have worked closely with one of  his friends whom he met here in Australia. Pavlo Dorosh is director of Architectural Design Studio Pty Ltd and constantly delivers high standards, which has helped  maintain Andrii’s passion for 3D architectural future.

How it all started

He’s been working with few architectural firms and learned about Australia’s Building Code and main thing that he’s seen how work architectural industry and understood the true cost of a poor process and impact it has on business and relationships with clients. The true cost is not just about money. Its about wasted time, emotion, effort, energy, health, relationships, etc. It’s everything. In that time he’s started thinking about own business and how he wants to deliver it. He started work part time for himself and one day he has got a positive feedback from his customer and felt that he was on the right way, on his way, after that one of his friends asked him : “Andrii why don’t start your business?” it was his hobby and he didn’t believe in it as some kind of business and it was not profitable because there was a big competition on the market. He thought he needed more skills and had been looking for other profitable businesses, but he always had a feeling that he needs to start from what he has at that moment. Zig Ziglar once said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

He does what he does every day because he loves to do it, it comes from his heart, he gives it to the world and receives it back. It makes him the happiest person in the world. In 2015 with his university friend Arsenij they created 3D visualisation business here in Sydney and now 3Draft have united bunch of talents at the heart of everyone is a commitment to a superior level of personal service and delivering  best possible outcome for  3D products on Sydney market.

We believe in what we do we deliver product which will have impact on lives of your future buyers and clients.
3D Visualisation is our way to express ourselves and to impress your buyers.
We do what we promised to do and always go more further for our clients this is our essence, effective communication is our single most important tool
Consistency is the key in our 3D Product delivery
We are genuinely engage with our customer and lead them to bigger and better opportunities

Andrii Melnyk