Cost of 3D architectural visualization

November 28, 2016

There are a lot of companies with different approaches of estimation and it depends on their price policy:

  • Cost for each image
  • Estimation of square meter
  • Cost for the one work hour

Our studio prefer an estimation of a 3D architectural visualization considering a number work hours of the studio. On our point of view, this approach is a most optimal one. A cost of one specialist’s work during a project is within from $15 to $50 and it depends on many factors.

Factors that influence on time and cost og 3D architectural visualization project

  • Deadline and number of the 3D guys involved in a project
  • Degree of the project’s details
  • Availability of ready-made 3D models
  • Number of an image specific points(foreshortenings, renders)
  • Final visualization’s resolution
  • Season and times of a Day that required on an image
  • Number and scale of adjustments (corrections that change a project more than 20% we estimate separately)
  • Final format (image, panorama, animation, video)

More about each item, which influence on 3D render cost

Degree of the project’s details

There are a lot of different 3D artists working with a project and each of them are responsible for their task: 3D modelling and picking of materials, the tuning of the camera and light, the rendering and postproduction. Degree of the project’s details concerns every process above. That why on an early stage it is important to understand what is more optimal.

The important role plays a process of choosing a style (minimalism, classic, high-tech etc). All these can influence on time and cost of 3D render.

Availability of ready-made 3D models

It means there are many 3D models that we can download or buy in internet resources like people, decoration elements, material textures, bushes and trees, cars and so on. This is an important item for a 3D modelling, because the creation of any unique models takes a lot of time. This also influence on the terms and cost of a 3D rendering.

Number of image specific points (foreshortenings, renders)

Every modern 3D program can help optimize time in a maximum manner for the rendering, but we always have to calculate correctly the time for this process to get required quality. That why we should consider all the factors like the resolution of the image and how exactly many visualizations we need when we estimate the time of 3D architectural project.

Season and times of a day that required on image

Our studio can create for your 3D rendering any times of a day and any season. We are interested in every nonstandard projects, but you should understand that it could lead to increasing of the cost and time.

Number and scale of adjustments

You can add your corrections in every stage of the project, but should understand that every production process has a definite sequence:

  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Materials tuning
  • Camera and lighting setting
  • Render tuning
  • Postproduction

When, for example, on the stage of render tuning you decide to add some changes in the earlier stage of the project, it can lead to the change of the time and cost of almost whole project.

Corrections that change a project more than 20% we estimate separately.

Final format (static render, panorama 360, virtual tour, animation)

The format of your final render depends on its purpose. If you want to put this image on the Website, it would be effectively using a panorama or a 3D tour. A static rendering more useful in printing, for some banners, for instance. The animation is suitable to both the ads clip and Website.

What can decrease the cost of your project?

  • An accurate technical specification with all 3D models and construction drawings
  • If you order several projects

Before starting, our Project Manager will conduct a short interview with you to get sure we understand every nuance of your architectural project.

Considering all the items above, we estimate the time and cost for your project implementation.